Monday, 12 March 2012

What's this?

NeedlesHooksPins the blog had a birthday over the weekend. Unfortunately, it appears I celebrate these milestones like I celebrate my own: remember a few days before, run out of time, do nothing until well after the fact. Hopefully this  'celebration' of sorts will occur during this week. Until then, I've been taking a break from theGRID prep to do something completely different;

Artificial colours
So as you may know, I have not hidden the fact I just don't "get" woolbombing. 

Should I waste my time creating something ultimately at the mercy of all elements (and destined to lose?) 

Should I waste my skills on creating an object that will likely not be fully appreciated, as any basic understanding of what I do is almost guaranteed to not be there?

Should I really waste my wool knitting something for an inanimate object, when there are plenty of people in my immediate vicinity that will go cold this winter? 

I have been noticing through out the week it has moved down (understandable), and up (more mysterious) the pole.  

Well, I put my money where my mouth is and made one. I think I get it now. I am interacting, in ephemeral ways, with my environment. And using these ephemeral ways, other people are interacting with their environment in unusual ways - such as the mysery person who keeps pulling the piece up the parking meter when it is flying at half-mast. This has been up for approximately one week and I think it's a good test for other ones - assuming there are other ones, of course.

Oh wait, there are. I don't think I have entirely got it; for example, I saw a dog cock it's leg against a post yesterday and my blood went cold. Forget drunks, I can't believe I was worried about disrespectful drunks. Dogs. How did I forget dogs?

Don't worry, I have a plan.

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  1. I love the clouds..they are very cute.. but I'm sure you expect nothing less then that from me