Sunday, 27 May 2012

All around The Town.

Some recent woolenings:

Out of season magnolias - catch them while they last

Experimental cuff - disappeared within a week

An old rainbow from when I hadn't properly figured out tension


Liked the cuff so much I went back for more

Another angle

Cannot get enough of this one

Friday, 25 May 2012

The travelling book collective

A couple of months ago I signed on to made. creative space's Journal Project and have been lucky enough to convince three other artists to collaborate with me on this via the post.  Tonight, I've finished my section of the book and over the weekend I will be bundling it up with some bits and pieces and sending it on to Joeli Art in Melbourne.

Here's the itinery:

And here's some process:

Getting back into stitchery at Toowoomba Brown Owls in May (it's a brain)

Heart, eye, brain, hand

The book

Completed cut-outs

Page one of finished work

Page two. As you may observe, I wasn't precious with lining up the cut-outs.

Pages warping, book out of shape.

Fortunately, this passport-sized journal fits comfortably in a flower press
Tonight this book will remain in the flower press, the recent wet weather has actually left the whole book feeling....softer? The pages were warping/curling from the damp air and applied glue.

My leg of this collective project has been both trying and rewarding. I have learnt from experimenting with different media during creation and in the process of putting it together at the end. On Monday, it leaves my hands to continue being manipulated in unforseen ways. Exciting.